Lil Kidz Depot Daycare Story

Our venture into the world of daycare started in 2012 with a simple home daycare. We wanted to spend more time with our children and find a way to make a living doing it. Home daycare was the perfect solution. As time went by, we started to hear more and more stories of the impact we were making on kids lives and with that, more and more people were calling us to come to our daycare. After a couple years we had clearly outgrown our home daycare and the thought of opening a center had started.

It took us two years to find the right center. We wanted to expand to be able to have a positive impact on even more children but we wanted the right place to do it. Our focus of finding the right center was for it to be an extension of our home. In May of 2017 we purchased The Depot and we haven't looked back.


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